Friday, December 28, 2007

3-Ginger Gingerbread...yum

Per a recent food confab in Steelhead (you know who you are), here is the gingerbread recipe I was talking about. It was served at the wedding featured in the previous post. You can probably conquer the world with it. You can conquer ME, anyway.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

1st Life Soiree

Mr. Peterman and I were, regrettably, unable to attend the Caledon/Winterfell Ball last night due to a rather joyous 1st life social engagement: the nuptials of two very good friends of ours! It was a "just wear formal dress of your favorite period" kind of thing, and since Mr. P usually opts for 16th century that's what we did. As soon as I get our 18th c kit together we'll trot it out. The bride and groom went Edwardian, and the lavish meal which followed was also Edwardian/Victorian in style. Most of the people in attendance are multi-talented, and so we had live music for singing and dancing (some bransles, an old set dance, and a variation on a Virginia Reel). Needless to say, we slept late this morning...

Here, in full song, we have (from left to right) the Groom, the Bride, Mrs. Master Payne, Tora, Master William, and Tora's friend who's name I've forgotten. Oh, and an 18th c gentleman and a Tudor lady who shall remain unnamed.
Here is Mr. Peterman flirting with Madame Sinead, who is wearing a lovely robin's egg blue Edwardian dinner gown. I hope somebody else snapped a photo of her actually standing up in it. I was too busy lusting after Tora's gold saque-back baroque number (see below).

No evening's entertainments would be complete without the larger-than-life legerdemain of Master Payne! Here he is in the midst of a "card trick" that is far too complicated for me to explain. It involves a deck of cards (natch), three, volunteers, a sword, and dramatic demonstrations of demise at the dénouement.

As mentioned above, here is Tora in her gold watteau gown. Can't for the life of me remember the name of Capt. Whatsisname, there. Update later, perhaps. At any rate, she looks much improved since last I saw her!

This was a soiree that would make any Caledonian proud. In this last photo you can see that there was much dancing, a variety of costume, and people in kilts/plaids. Is that not as Caledonian as it comes, I ask you?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The En Garde saga continues

Can't get enough of this game. Luckily, its popularity is increasing, so one can almost always scare up a sparring partner at a moment's notice.
Here I am having a go at Ms. Elegia Underwood, who stylishly sports a costume from the Terry Lighfoot collection ("To a T", I believe is the name of her line). It's always a close run thing when I spar with her! She's a wily opponent.

Pining for a partner on another day, Sir Sin Trenton offered his services. This gentleman also proved a worthy opponent, and we dueled with matched Galvanic Sword Sticks from Ordinal Malaprop's amazing weapons collections.

I must say I'm amazed at my progress, and as of last night I was actually close behind Col. Somme in the local standings! I consider that quite a feat, considering his renown with the blade.

Now, this isn't to say that I am utterly consumed with martial pursuits. Heaven forfend! Radio Riel has been broadcasting chapters from "A Christmas Carol", and I've tried to be present at the listening parties at the RR office in Penzance. At the end of the chapter featuring a visit to Mr. Fezziwig's party, where the "Roger De Coverly" reel was mentioned, Duchess Gabi kindly obliged us by playing said reel. Since we have yet to come up with appropriate "reel" animations, we made do with jigging, instead.

Ms. E. Laval and I kick up our heels to the sounds of the "Brassworks" brass band.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Tagged by Virrginia! The "8 Things" thing

Ms. Tombola has extended her prowess at fencing into fencing of another type, and has "scored a touch" on me with this "meme" thingy! Yikes!

Here's the rules:
1) Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
(2) People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.
(3) At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
(4) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog

Since it's so late in the game, I don't know how I'm going to find anybody in our circle in SL who hasn't already been tagged, but I'll make a feeble attempt at the end of this post.

1) My avatar is as close to resembling the "real" me as I can get it. While I'm not runway model material, I'm fairly content with my corporeal self (and will be even more so after shaving off a few more pounds). Some day I'm going to try a photo "skin" to see if I can make a better clone. I'm not worried about stalkers or predators. I'm an adult and I don't have anything to hide. Plus, want to try and find me and threaten me somehow? Bring it on! We shoot first around here. I don't "role play" in SL, either. What you see/hear is what you get. Yes, I really do use a lot of archaisms and colorful English in my everyday speech, and I eschew netspeak and other slang, unless in deliberate jest.

2) Part of the reason for my speech habits is years of historical re-enacting, from Medieval to 19th century to WW2. It doesn't hurt that my husband is a history nut, too (M.A. Western History), and pretty much dwells in the 16th c on a daily basis. Not surprisingly, like Virrginia, I also have 16th century clothes...and 14th, and 18th, and 19th, etc. I have a B.A. in Drama from the University of Washington, where I mostly did costume design. I did a lot of theater work before moving to Japan in '89. After that I ended up in California and was sucked into Civil War re-enacting, 1880s re-enacting (lots of train robbing and playing piano in saloons, see tintype above L), WW2 reenacting (war correspondant to Mr. Peterman's Brit. AB Recce), and other things. I'm using my wardrobe collection these days for modeling photoshoots and other projects, like working at the local Renaissance Festival (we have a horse show).

3) Another reason could be that, like Virrg., we don't watch the boob toob, except to put in a DVD once in awhile. When "Firefly" was canceled by the short-sighted Fox network, we canceled our satellite subscription and never looked back. We get our news from the radio and the 'net, and most of our entertainment is from our various friends and animals. Art Linkletter endorsed this concept, and I agree, "people (and animals) are funny" enough.

4) My aversion to TV aside, I DO love movies! Good ones, that is. Love watching them, love making them. I've worked on everything from blockbusters like "The Patriot" to little independent projects that may never see the light of day. Did I say good movies? OK, I'll watch a bad one, but only if it's been given the MST3k treatment. I am a slavish fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000, despite that the show was canceled in '96 (?) after a ten year run on various networks. I have a collection of VHS tapes, commercial tapes and DVDs, and now enjoy the Brains' work on the new site.

5) I'm a crazy cat (and chicken) lady. Cats are all fixed. Three of each gender, all just wandered, some literally, into my life. Six cats and 11 chickens (10 hens + 1 rooster). I shoot coyotes and any canine who enters my domain with murderous intent. Granted, I miss, but it's the thought that counts. Mr. Peterman does not miss, btw.

6) I'm an Oriental Dancer (that's "belly dancer" to most of you). Traditional (see tintype R) and nightclub. Kind of a diletante, but I've studied with some good teachers and take the occasional pro gig.

7) Mr. P and I have horses. Well, he has the horses and I help. When we met, he was working fairly consistantly as a background coordinator for cavalry background artists for big movies. Thanks to runaway production (expensive films going out of country), that dried up. A friend of ours dragged him into jousting, which sat well with his enthusiasm for 16th c cavalry.

8) I and Mr. Peterman are Christians. Mr. P only since a few years ago, and myself since childhood. I was raised Lutheran, but drifted into the Orthodox community while living in CA because I was looking for something more traditional and closer to early Christianity. Taking it to a further extreme, we now meet with other like-minded folks in somebody's house for a weekly study with no liturgy or trappings of any kind. That's about as "early" and "basic" as it gets! We still try to attend a local Anglican church when we can (Mr. P likes the hymns, as do I). I don't have a problem "hanging with" the many people of various spiritual leanings and disciplines in my "real" life or SL. Why should I? It's not my job to pick on anybody or take offense at something with which I disagree. Jesus socialized with everybody, why shouldn't I? He didn't just "hang with" Christians...but that's probably because, um, there weren't any yet.

(So far I have yet to find a single person of my acquaintance who's not already been tagged, so I'm dropping any pretense of trying at this point.)

Friday, December 7, 2007

Steampunk Steelhead

Tonight's Friday night shindig in Steelhead was Steampunk-themed, so I grabbed my spanner and goggles and flew over in my airship. Somebody suggested a conga line, which grew to substantial size! Hotspur Otoole was garbed as a Steam Powered Santa, Q. Projects was an amazing robot, and Jason Hassanov was...himself. Baron Wulfenbach had to bow out early, which was a shame. Sheriff F. Ortega was our charming DJ/host for the evening. Excellent party!

Why I bother with Second Life

Second Life is many things to many people. For me it’s a way to “get out” and meet people, do things, and wear cool clothes without the inconvenience, expense and social terror of actually leaving the bosom of my little rural homestead. On my own, I enjoy viewing the artistic endeavors of the creative amongst us, whether it’s a fabulous piece of virtual architecture, a clever interactive installation or game, or an art exhibit of real life work.

On the social side of things, I probably, as I pointed out to friend TotalLunar Eclipse the other night, would not have lasted very long in SL had I not stumbled upon Caledon, Steelhead, and other like-minded 19th century oriented sims (Babbage, Wyre, and now Winterfell). As it is, I recently passed my one year mark. Like many “noobs”, I spent my first weeks in SL just learning to walk, communicate, and finding a signature “look” for myself. Unlike, apparently, most of the main population, I actually strove to mold my avatar to be as accurate a simulacrum of myself as possible. Somehow I found a skin that didn’t make me look like Jennifer Lopez or Angelina Jolie. Honestly, what IS the deal with most of the female skins for sale having giant lips? I’m have no exotic non-Caucasian blood coursing through my veins. I’m a regular Heinz 57 northern European type with average kissing equipment. I do not want to look like I just had a collagen injection. But I digress. Brown hair in braids, some brown cargo pants, hiking boots, and a comfy flannel shirt, and a pair of glasses completed my transformation. Me on any given day.

The friends who showed me SL in the first place had warned me about all of the casual “adult” activities going on everywhere, so I steered clear of that nonsense. I was also warned about the similarity to any given public chat room, as far as the social demographic goes. Yes, I encountered a lot of very young (seemingly) people who’s spelling skills were negligible and manners almost non-existent. As in real life, I’m capable of walking away from or otherwise dismissing this kind of behavior. Griefers were encountered occasionally. I learned how to snap a photo, get ID information on the perps, and file a report. I didn’t feel it necessary to “get revenge” or “fight back”. Frankly, I just think it’s better if this type of person is booted from the system until they grow up.

Idealizing Oneself

As indicated above in my search for a personally expressive “look” for my avatar, there is a lot of posing going on in Second Life. I’m not exactly against it, especially if one is truly trying to remain anonymous. However, there definitely seems to be a default setting for the average participant outside of the pre-20th century themed areas. I was telling my husband this morning about my recent activities in world, and how much fun I had “visiting” with like-minded folks who, like my real world friends, enjoy going for the best and “coolest” historical clothing and equipment they can cobble together. This is in contrast to the “outer world” of SL, where one is surrounded by six foot plus Barbie Dolls in tube tops with their butt cheeks hanging out of their shorts (or skirts!) and stiletto heels, and seven foot guys with tiny heads and 62 inch chests. “Ah, just like real life!”, said Mr. Peterman. Well, in real life most of the guys seem to have 62 inch guts instead, but, yeah. Almost inevitably, the folks I met in the “outer darkness” who didn’t fit that description were the best conversationalists. This is not an absolute rule, but it’s what I found in my first months. Frankly, after spending some time bumming around, playing Tringo, attending a few Bible studies (largely lightweight and unsatisfying), and exploring mostly disappointing attempts at themed simulations, I can’t imagine not wanting to remain anonymous in the greater world of Second Life. It’s really just a giant, three-dimensional public chat room populated with the usual assortment of juveniles, illiterates, and predators.

Haven of Gentility...more or less

And then there’s Caledon….and by “Caledon” I’m also including like-minded simulations such as Steelhead, New Babbage, Wyre, and others. Looking back, I’m trying to remember how exactly I found Caledon in the first place. I think it went something like this…

One of my real world avocations is “Oriental Dancer” (that’s “belly dance” to most of you). Before I learned that the whole “Gor” thing was utterly distasteful to me and not worth my time, I thought I might be a dancer at festive occasions in Gorean settings. Can you tell I’ve never read any of the books? I’m such a naïf. Of course all I could find in world in the way of “dance costumes” was a variety of skimpy “silks” (took me a while to figure out what “silks” were) that were worse than the worst Turkish dancer’s hoochie gear, and in which I wouldn’t be caught dead even in a virtual world. My searches eventually led me to a charming ensemble by Solange Cerveau, which came with a variety of modesty options, mostly involving the level of opacity of the fabrics. I decided it need a choli to make it more to my taste, so I went searching for “choli” or “sari” until I found a link to some garments by Yuriko Muromachi (Silver Rose Designs). The landmark dumped me next to a nice Victorian manor house, a build of West Trade Imports. I followed a link to Muromachi’s main store, which was in…Caledon! What a breath of fresh air to wander a nice little Victorian sim. No flashing signs, nasty music, scantily clad women, or giant casinos. The first time I wandered in, to buy my “sari” outfit, I walked around a bit and just enjoyed the architecture and interesting things for sale. There really wasn’t anybody about, nor any “sandwich board” signage announcing upcoming social events.

At any rate, I walked out of there with a nice addition to my wardrobe, which gave me an exotic “dress-up” look that I was even able to wear as standard daywear in, say, any Medieval or Tolkien-esque setting. I spent the next few months fooling around in the “Galaxy” sim, a Star Trek themed area. Nice folks, but ultimately very frustrating. Did some nice roleplaying at first, but soon it became obvious that nobody had any serious tactical experience, and they all just wanted to rehash old Star Trek episodes. Um, yawn. That and the apparently young age and limited social abilities of most folks there wore me down.

Real life took me away for a few months, and when I came back and paid a visit to Caledon imagine my surprise when I saw it had grown in size by several sims! Announcements were up for several functions, and after somebody personally invited me to some shindig or other I cobbled together some evening wear and jumped in. It wasn’t long before I’d met some folks with whom I shared historical interests, and although I am not yet a land holder, I can honestly say that I’ve never since had any desire to spend time anywhere else in SL. It’s so entertaining to visit with folks online who have actual conversational ability, let alone the fact that I have met so many fellow historians, costumers, traditional music enthusiasts, and film buffs like myself.

Hanging with Regular Folks, only better

I’m sure that even in Caledon there are folks who model their avatars to a standard that does not mirror their real world image, but I have yet to find any person of any longevity there who’s personality clashes with their appearance. In real life, I find that one’s appearance is one’s calling card, and this is very easy to achieve in SL. For instance, a person in a nicely rendered uniform with a military affiliation in their title is usually able to discuss military history, as I have found, and I’ve made several good friends by asking questions about clothes or weapons. Strangely enough, I’ve met some folks who live fairly close to me in real life, and one person turned out to be an established acquaintance! I enjoy visiting with folks at the balls and during game play (such as the fencing game En Garde, see photo above). The conversation is the most important thing to me. As a bonus, I get to play dress-up with a little computerized paper doll and buy her virtual clothes and gadgets and have virtual adventures. In that way it’s a creative outlet, too, and I don’t regret the time spent.

Monday, December 3, 2007

En Garde!

This game has me totally hooked. I was sorting inventory tonight when an announcement came over the Caledon channel that "robots were battling" over at Fizzworks. I of course had to dart right over, and found Fire Chief Q. Projects and Mr. Jason Hassanov going at each other. Very entertaining.
Ms. Elegia Underwood dropped in, and we crossed swords for a few exciting minutes. Couldn't have had a better opponent.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween etc.

Due to the raging cold I fought all last week and pretty much until day before yesterday, my galavanting about, real or virtual, has been pretty much curtailed. Mr. P and I live on a quiet country road in 1st life, and as usual had no trick or treaters (plus, he worked late last night), so I decided to look for Halloween fun in SL instead!

First, I made a costume and turned myself into a ghostly apparition:

Luckily I had some white hair in my closet. The above photo was taken at "The Haunting Hour" in the October Country, but it was a party over-crammed with people I don't know talking about nothing and too much lag, so I apparated out of there to Caledon, where I found a swinging scene at Castle Cymru. The dashing ZenMondo Wormser was spinning the wax cylinders and the floor was littered with fabulously costumed guests.

I soon found myself dancing next to that Man about Madness, the Great Cthulhu himself. He may look soft from all of that "slumbering in R'yleh" slothfulness, but he can cut a rug (amongst other things).

The problem with these "Elder Gods" is that they honestly take no notice of us mere mortals, dead or alive. It's a good thing I was a ghost, or I might have take harm when accidentally skewered by Ol' Tentacle Head.

The Lovecraft theme was running swift this past week. On Thursday the 25th I attended a nifty "Radio Broadcast" of the original Orson Wells "War of the Worlds" followed by the HPLHS production of "At the Mountains of Madness", by HP Lovecraft. This was hosted by The Earl of Primbroke, Edward Pearse, and he did a bang up job as usual. The setting was on a plot of land in Western Caledon that had been decked out with story-appropriate props of cyclopean proportions, including several different designs of alien tripods (for the Wells story), and a snowfield, Antarctic Mountains backdrop, and token "Old One" for the Lovecraft portion of the event.
Here I am with the set decoration "Old One". "Mrs. P does the Antarctic!"

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Just like Steelhead...only non-virtual

Went to a "Deadwood"-themed Halloween party last night. We've never watched that show, for various reasons, but Mr. Peterman said it was 1870s-ish, so we pulled some 1870s clothes out and went. That's Mr. P in the middle, in the blue plastron-front shirt and big hat (of course). Perhaps somebody snapped a shot of me at some point and it will find its way to us. I only took this one shot, because the house was lit only by little candles and I had to use the flash which was VERY annoying to all...

Update: pics are in from our charming hostess, "Calamity Jane". First up, Mrs. Peterman in her yellow pollonaise with blue underskirt (the pics are coming in all black & white). 1st life hair is more complicated to deal with than 2nd life. This one lives in a box in my sewing room and it takes me forever to style it. Note the cat. Found cat approximately 45 seconds after entering the house. There is a reason why my avatar often has a cat perched on her shoulder: I find them and they find me.

Next up, Mr. Peterman and a female of questionable morals. I tell you, turn your back for a minute and men go all goofy.

No matter, some time later I found myself politely refusing the advances of a very loquatious Irishman. I can see by this image that I need a bigger bustle pad. Ruefully inadequate...

The party went later than we did, as we had to catch a boat back to our side of the Big Water. This shot of Master Payne and his lovely wife Marie was taken after our departure.*

*Yes, it really is Master Payne in the flesh. Wonders never cease, n'est ce pas?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Virtual Europa?

A friend introduced me to the Girl Genius comic series a few weeks ago. It's not that I hadn't heard about it before. I'd run into a lovely poster in Cyn Vandeverre's shop in Caledon, but I wasn't really interested in taking the time to read the thing, despite the fact that it's easily available online. I finally succumbed, and then had to read the whole dang thing over a period of days: whew! Fun stuff.

Now, it seems certain persons have chosen to realize this wonderful Steampunk (or "gaslamp") fiction creation within SL, and where more perfect than the Victorian sims of Caledon and Steelhead (and Babbage and...)?

I had heard of a Wulfenbach consulate being erected in Steelhead, so I first went there. It's very civilized and decorous, and fits in well with the late 19th c theme there. Love the shiny brass name plate over the door (glad I, or anyone else, for that matter, don't have to polish it!)

Inside I found the expected Girl Genius references, a spectacular map of Europa, and the Consul's desk, which I took advantage of to snap a "studious and hard-working Mrs. Peterman" scene...and I got to keep the pen!

Note the raffish Jaegermonster references on the wall. I also like the "donation brain" on the desk. How can you resist such charming touches?

I remembered that there had been an official reception for the consulate in Caledon Kittiwikshire some days ago. I was unable to attend due to rl commitments, but why not find it now? So, off I went...

Just across from the Salty Mermaid Tavern, the Kittiwick Consulate is a bit larger with a nice lawn for gatherings. Inside I found much the same in the way of furnishings, with the addition of a Quiz Phone (I believe ZenMondo Wormser makes these?). It offers, of course, a "Girl Genius" quiz, at which I just managed to hold my own.

Here's an exterior view, with yet another shiny brass plaque. The sun was setting at this point, hence the warm light.

(credits: Yes, I'm wearing an original Cyn Vandeverre gown, modified slightly with a few poofiness adjustments and a lace jabot from Virrginia Tombola's cycling costume. Oh, and a parasol, of course.)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

You can't escape...

... the jousting, apparently. We had a 16th century soldier training thing at our house this past weekend, and when I logged in to SL tonight with an AV geek question for somebody I was IM'd by Col. Somme who was...jousting! It's about the best jousting I've seen in SL. The lances even "shatter" if you hit just right! Somme had roped (haha) H Otoole into having a go, and it sounds like this jousting setup is very effective...once it's calibrated. Also, for those interested in taking up the sport, may I recommend a horse with a roached or braided mane? According to the intrepid Otoole, a fluffy, zero gravity, flowing horse hairdo makes a better door than a window (when in mouselook, anyway). At any rate, it seems like rl jousting is less fussy, if more dangerous, than the virtual kind.

Yes, it's another art imitates life situation. Here's Rittmaster Peterman in RL, demonstrating our weekend:
...and here's Col. Somme, having a go in SL:

Love the strap barding and Medieval saddle on the horse!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Was listening to Radio Riel yesterday as I bustled about with RL house guests, and noticed there was a ceilidh brewing down in Loch Avie. I popped in to say "howdy" to folks I haven't seen in months, and asked the charming DJ (Sir Edward, Earl of Primbroke) for a verbal "Happy 50th Birthday!" dedication to my wonderful husband, Rittmaster Peterman. He did, and my knight in shining armor (literally, actually) got a big charge out of it.

Cpt. Somme stopped in for a moment, looking quite dashing in his breeches and silk stockings against a sea of outlandish, if colorful, be-kilted fellows. RL called him away as well, and so our appearance was a brief one.

As soon as the RL play in which I'm acting goes up, I'll have more time to experiment with SL and continue developing more historical garments, with the goal of eventually opening a shop or otherwise offering off-the rack wardrobe. Stay tuned.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Riding the 1st Life Wave

Amongst other things, my mom had a total knee replacement yesterday and will be in hospital and rehab center for the next few weeks. I just went in to rehearsals for a local theater company's production of "Bell, Book & Candle", where I had been cast as Aunt Queenie (a plum goofy character role) but was switched to the lead (aaaagh!) when the original actress backed out. Plus, we're in the midst of our Ren Faire season.

For more info and pics, go here and here.

Miss you all!

Monday, July 2, 2007

On Hiatus

This time of year is incredibly busy for us. What with maintaining a five acre mini-farm and prepping for then performing a horse show at the local Renaissance Festival, we're pretty swamped. I'm taking a bit of a vacation from Second Life for now, so I can chain myself to the plow and sewing machine. I'll probably check in for the odd weekend shindig...until the first three weekends of August, that is, when I'll be completely off the SL radar.

This Fall I hope to have some nice things for sale for the discerning Victorian SL-er, but right now the 1st Life sewing machine has my attention.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Life Imitates Art: 2

Friend Deux Cheveux sent some pictures he shot of us at the Civil War shindig, and I thought this one was deserving of the "Life Imitates Art" award. Just reverse the waistcoat and frock colors, and make my old wool waistcoat double-breasted (and take 15 years of hard wear off of my old 4x), and I've pretty much got it nailed. Now if I could just get jackets to fit looser in SL...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Life Imitates Art

Mr. Peterman prefers 1st life engagements to 2nd Life, so when a real world opportunity to be Victorian comes along I jump on it. In order to do this, I've foregone a few Caledonian events in the last 24 hours in order to do basically the same kinds of things in 1st life (you know, wearing 19th century clothes, playing soldier, and going to balls). This weekend has been the annual Civil War shindig in the town across the bay from us, so we paid a few calls. On Friday night we rode into the woods and met up with a party of Union soldiers on patrol. They very appropriately "asked" us to accompany them (after checking to see if our weapons were loaded, being good soldiers), and we marched with them for a bit. I surreptitiously shot a few seconds of video in the deepening twilight. There would be more, but I didn't want to wave a camera around and "pop their bubble". Yes, we were in full 1860s civilian kit, including the horse tack. They were doing a "primitive" total immersion operation, and spent the night bivouacked in the forest. We rode with them for a few miles but eventually bade them good night, much to their surprise as they thought we were with the Civil War organization, and rode back to the trailhead in the dark: an adventure for us and the horses! There was a bit of a moon last night, but between clouds and deep forest, it was verrry dark and spooky. I'm glad horses have good night vision, because I have none at all.

Today (Saturday), we visited the camps as the characters we portrayed last night and had fun visiting with folks we had met on the trail. Later, we went home to change into evening kit, and I magically turned into a girl. In SL I can magically snap a photo whenever I want, in RL I actually have to pull out a camera, so of course I didn't get anything of the dance from which we just returned. These shots of us back at home will have to suffice.

Gordon is a bit trans-decade with his Mexican war jacket and Indian wars cap and boots, and I'm wearing my 1860s tea gown with an 1850s hairdo. How's that for being eclectic? We still looked pretty spiffy, I think (so do the cats, apparently). Oh, yes, I took my gloves off in the car and forgot to put them back on for the photo (oops). In SL you can check on your baby chickens without removing your gloves, in 1st Life, it's more complicated...

I'm not sure but I may be one of the few ladies of Caledon who's husband/significant other is perfectly happy to wear 19th century clothes and go to a battle/ball in 1st life but finds SL too complicated and frustrating, rather than the reverse...

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Belated Rez Day, etc.

It was my 1st Rez Day on the 6th, and I totally forgot about it. I'll consider the fact that I got Mr. Peterman to come in world and dance with me for a few minutes my belated Rez Day present! Doesn't the above photo look like a scene from a Disney film? Well, I think so...

Mr. Newbe Writer was hosting a lovely dance at his Steamworks in Sky City (sea level), and I decided to try out my purple gown experiment. I think it turned out quite well, actually.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Goings on: The Queen's Birthday and Black & White "ball"

Last Thursday we celebrated the Queen's Birthday at a lovely gathering hosted by Sir Edward Pearse and Miss Christine McAllister. Since Queen Victoria's reign spanned a goodly number of years, there were examples of the fashions of a good portion of the 19th century. The 50s and 60s dominated, but I prefer the decades on either side and so chose a frock from the late 80s.

Here I am dancing with our dashing host, Sir Edward (sporting a mechanical arm since the recent unpleasantness with Neualtenberg).

Earlier, my good friend E. Somme offered his arm and we trod the grass a bit.

On Friday, the weekly dance theme was "Black & White". It being Steelhead, I assumed the music would be "pop" and so wasn't too worried about my lack of appropriately hued formalwear. I found a black cocktail dress with white dots ca. 1950s in my wardrobe, and saw a good opportunity to try a new hairdo.

Here we are dancing in the giant TV, provided by the gentleman in shirtsleeves (who's name escapes me). Sir Ed came as a b&w space hero, and Red Calibre is appropriate (pictured) in white tie & tails, while Tensai Hilra does her street punk and Emily Orr chose a jaunty plaid dinner gown.

At one point I glanced up from the dance floor (and friend Hermione Pennyfeather, left) and saw that Tensai Hilra's cat (I think that's who it is) was keeping an eye on us from above. Cats: gotta' love 'em.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Impromptu (for me) party

Finished chores and popped in-world around 2100 last night to find a hoppin' (literally) Rez Day party at Lady Amber's Pavilion. Seems it was her Rez Day (day she entered Second Life for the first time) recently, but since she had been off grid due to a wonky computer, she was throwing her party a bit after the fact. No matter! Her faithful hound, Braveheart, was on hand as a quadruped doorman and greeter, and we all danced jigs to lively Celtic music.

I was pleased to meet many friends and acquaintances, including the long absent H. Otoole (dressed smartly in his Hussar's Uniform), back from exile in Roma. His cohort H. Pennyfeather was gadding about sans shoes and in a VERY SHORT SKIRT...but, thank heavens, with proper headgear. R. Calibre made an appearance and joined in the festivities, as did V. Tombola with a very festive streamered-wreath crowning her glorious hair. I couldn't stay long, but it was a lovely evening.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Dirty Doings?

Popped in to visit friend Hotspur Otoole at his charming Polymath estate, only to find this scene of woe: What does it mean?!

Update May 9: This! This is what it means! Caledonians styling themselves as jackbooted thugs! Noble warriors cut down in their prime! Teutonic leaders dragged forcibly from their steins! We live in desperate times.

(Thanks to Cpt. Pearse for the dispatch).

Monday, April 2, 2007

1st Life Lag

That usually lag free grid, 1st Life, is relentlessly bogging down these days. I popped over to Mayfair tonight with just enough energy to pick up Vi Paravanne's lates recipe and chat a minute with Jess Patton, who had apparently been doing some hot work and was peeled down to her stays, chemise & drawers! As we stood gabbing about fashion, of course, Gov. Shang announced the imminent advent of the "Sky City" sim. Before I logged off I skipped down to his mansion to view the plans: fabulous, in every sense of the word. Would love to see an elevation (pun intended) rather than just a plan...

Monday, March 26, 2007

Weekend Report: social scene

Friday night was a "goth" themed dance in Steelhead, DJ'd by noneother than our own Beau Brummel, Edward Pearse (in background manning the fabulous two-platter Victrola). I threw together a goth-type outfit made from various parts, and topped it with a corset worn as outerwear: pretty daring, I thought!

If this wasn't scandalous enough, the following night was "20s Gangster night". I cast about in my inventory and came up with something a flapper might wear, then had to run over to the GNUbie store for some short hair. I think the overall effect was a success. Just for the record, I would never show this much leg in RL...

Earlier in the day (Saturday) there was a lively bathing party in Caledon on Sea, hosted by Miss. V. Tombola and Miss. H Callisto. I used my newly acquired skills to throw together a bathing dress, augmented by a skirt and sandals from V. Tombola (see photo below). Many bathing beauties were present (see photo above), and although I was only able to attend for a few minutes, it looked like a successful party.

Update 10-17-07: I was wandering through the Guvnah's Mansion the other week, and noticed the above image on the east wall. I'm very flattered my imitation gelatin or salt print (or whatever I was going for) of the bathing party has been so honored!