Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Caledon Anniversary

Yesterday, the 26th of February, was the one year anniversary of the Kingdom (?) of Caledon! The DFL (Dictator for Life), Desmond Shang, decreed a little gathering in Tamranoch, which turned out to be a major crush! Mr. Peterman and I had to leave for our RL Monday night meeting, but at that point there were over 74 people in the sim anyway, so it's just as well, I suppose. In honor of Caledon, I took one of Mr. Shang's Caledon tartan textures and put together this gown. The oversleeves are from the freebie gown available on the cart in the square in Victoria City. The lace undersleeves are from the "Saloon Girl" costume I picked up in Sigil (right before it went belly-up). The skirt/pollonaise prim is from the current fashion design contest sponsored Prim & Proper.


Mister Nizz said...

Hi, Neb! Returning the visit! It was great fun taking to the skies with you last night. DAMN those banlines anyway!!

I love all your varied interests-- I also do my bit with Ren Faires and have done some reenacting. Hail and well met, Ma'am!

Hotspur O

Neb said...

I am SO glad DFL Shang doesn't allow ban lines in Caledon... what a pain!

Ren Faires... I have a love/hate relationshp with them. I like the *idea* of a Ren Fest, but the actuality is so irritating in so many ways. I just have to repeat the mantra "It's not a reenactment, it's a carnival...".