Saturday, February 24, 2007

Forever Plaid

Wandered over to Steelhead City last night and found what is apparently the regular Friday night shindig going on. This week the theme was "Gathering of the Clans" or somesuch, so I changed into my Caledon tartan gown for the first time. It's rather "loud", but since this was a fairly loud bash I didn't feel out of place.

Just to my right is Mr. Roy Smashcan in his dapper full-dress kilt. The gentleman to his left, who's name I'm having trouble remembering (Finnian?) is going for the "rough 'n tumble rugged rustic great kilt" look. The lady in the green/blue plaid and fiery hair got my vote for "best-dressed lassie", but alas she did not win the prize. Mr. Ed Pearse won the "best dressed lad" award with his double-breasted "doublet" and red and white plaid kilt hose. Are we surprised? No, we are not.

I wish I had a photo of him, but the shots I took later at the saloon didn't come out for some reason. Well, my ferrotypist friend always says that wet-plate photography is mostly art with a little science thrown in. I think this electronic photography must be similar, and my virtual chemistry was tired out or the virtual air temperature was too high.

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