Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Intrepid Adventurer

Finally put some good "adventuring" wardrobe together for flying, climbing, motoring, and other windy, rugged pursuits. The overcoat is from Steamkids designs, the cap is one of their freebies, the riding breeches are from the Numbukulla wreck, and the goggles are by Virginia Tombola (I changed the glass tint from green to amber). She does great 19th c period clothing, btw: I highly recommend her designs if you're looking for historical accuracy. Oh, the undershirt is the "Irish Shirt" that's one of the free Linden textures, and the neckerchief is from the free "Cowboy" outfit from the now defunct "Sigil" sim (I rotated it 180 degrees).

At any rate, I just had to take a spin in my Nimbus airship to see how it worked out. Gimli had to go, too, because he's a limpet. Here we are drifting down Loch Avie just above the water. I spied the "monster" that appears sporadically, but was unable to get a good shot of him.


Mister Nizz said...

I have, somewhere in my inventory, a great picture of myself riding the back of the Loch Avie monster like a bucking bronco, wearing a diving helmet. Since I don't do a SL specific blog I didn't bother posting it..

Neb said...

Oh, cool! Ed Pearse dives a lot, mostly looking for mermaids I think. I met him at the City of Unity one night where he was on the lookout, and a mermaid did arrive, but she advised us that it was a "Medieval" sim, hinting I suppose that his hard-hat diving rig was anachronistic. I refrained from pointing out that the whole sim was already anachronistic, dotted with 19th and 20th century architecture, fairytale elements, and gothic horror sections that would have gotten somebody in the Middle Ages burned at the stake.

Mister Nizz said...

Hmmmm... I may have to add a mermaid grotto in the pond behind my new house in Caledon Tammaraoch... seems fitting!

First things first.. a catapault to launch Ornithopters!