Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Petermans in 1st Life

This is an actual ferrotype (tintype) of us, taken during our train robbing days (Roaring Camp Railroad, Scott's Valley, CA) more than eight years ago by Wm. Dunniway. I just put it here to compare to our SL images. Since this was struck, Mr. Peterman has slimmed down about 15 lbs.. I think it landed on me, because I'm about 10 lbs. up.... but I look about the same (corsets: our friend).

As you can see, it's almost impossible to get the Rittmaster out of boots & spurs, but at least they're relatively clean.

Here's an image of me as a Juarista. If you're going to rob trains, why not do it with gusto? It wasn't until later that Mr. P pointed out to me that I had my bandoliers on upside down. D'oh!

Several years previously, during The War, my "brother" (ahem) had served in the Union Army as a Steward/Ambulance driver. People say he resembles me in a positively uncanny way, but they have only these images to go on as we have never been seen together in person. Hm....

This detail from another ferrotype shows me in my usual guise: slaving over a hot fire! Since this image was struck, we have moved onto some good land in the Oregon Territories and have enough room for the Rittmaster's two horses plus the mount of a jousting buddy, plus a few chickens and cats. (Most of) the cooking happens indoors these days.

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