Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Pleasant Social Evening

The Rittmaster and I spend a pleasant hour visiting with Mr. Somme at his Albany Club in Victoria City this evening. Topics ranged from historical firearms to North American Indian heirlooms to, of course, military history. This image really captures the personalities of the parties involved, I think: Mr. P is checking his gloves, I'm stuffing my face, and Mr. Somme is sitting ramrod straight so as not to muss his uniform. Also, although it's not readily apparent due to the small size of the figures, but I've finally found a hairstyle that's approaching my RL hair! The "Jane Wyman" bangs I've been sporting (see below) are charming but a) not particularly period, esp. for pre-1920, and b) not how I wear my "fringe". I may be unusual in this respect, but it's my goal to make my SL avatar look as much like the real me as possible. Now I just need to come up with some silver wire-framed "Windsor" spectacles and I'll be close to perfect! I'm working on Mr. P's appearance in the same manner (the new "prim" handlebar mustaches help enormously!).

Afterward, we paid a quick visit to Steelhead City. Mr. Peterman was impressed with the lovely garden next to the (ahem) bordello, and we passed a few quiet moments enjoying the scenery and each other's company.

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