Thursday, February 22, 2007

Second Life Obsession

Do I need another blog? No, but I'm doing it anyway. I'm totally inspired by Miss Cornelia Rothschild and her amazingly entertaining blog of her adventures in Second Life. Ours will no doubt be less comprehensive and "first person", since I'm just myself in SL, as is the Rittmaster (when I can drag him in there), but at least I can keep a record of our escapades and discoveries.

First, some catching up.....

When some close friends showed me Second Life, almost a year ago (!), I thought it was mildly amusing. Then I found it very entertaining, but was disappointed with the visual clutter and general plebe-yness of most places/people I encountered. Then I discovered my first "themed sim" : Galaxy! Wow, a Star Trek simulation! How cool is that? I joined up immediately (there I am in my ensign's uniform) and looked forward to tactical events, role playing, and general military-in-space hyjinks.

Alas, it didn't take long for me to realize that I was trying to make lemonade out of lemons, the lemons being apparently very "young" people with no concept of military bearing or tactical knowledge. My experience was a letdown and I wandered off.

It wasn't long before I indulged in my aquatic habits. First I discovered that you can go sailing in SL! Yay! I don't have a real boat right now, as my hubby is a horse nut and that's where the energy/dollars go. Fortunately a helpful buccaneer showed me where to pick up a little day-sailer (I don't have pics yet). When I grow weary of the burning sun, I repair below the waves.

Shopping for Orientalist 19th century clothing last year, I happened upon a shop in the Victorian-themed sim "Caledon". As time went by, I found myself returning there more often, until one day, after a hiatus of several months from SL, I found Caledon had grown into a multi-sim "world" of its own! The people are genteel and civilized and wear appropriate clothing (unlike the half-dressed supermodels in the rest of SL), and they can carry on conversations using words of more than one syllable! How refreshing! I was hooked.

After attending a ball or two (see Ed Pearse's blog for lots of ball pictures), I was invited to a riding out with the Mt. Caledon Troopers. (That's me on the left in my riding habit). It was very enjoyable to ride out with other equestrian enthusiasts, but I'm not really comfortable with steeplechase/foxhunt/gaggle riding. The organizer in me prefers the geometry of cavalry excercises. With that in mind, I formed the "Warhorse Guild", with the goal of forming a Caledon Cavalry at some point.

With much prodding, I managed to get my husband, Rittmaster Peterman, into Caledon. His RL jousting buddy bought us some decent mounts (which we've based on RL horses Woody-Mr. P's bay & Jaran-Locatya Elytis's black). Yes, that's my cat, Gimli, on my shoulder.
It wasn't long before I'd introduced Mr. Peterman to some of my historically-inclined acquaintances in Caledon, and soon they were chatting away about military history.

The Rittmaster has given one talk on the history of Cavalry (pre-history to 1800) at the Albany Club, and we have plans for future such events. We are also experimenting with jousting in Caledon, and have graciously been given permission to use the courtyard of Caledon Castle (in the Moors).

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