Monday, February 26, 2007

Social Report

This past weekend was a busy one on 1st and 2nd Life both! Friday night, the 24th, was the First Annual Caledon Heritage Ball, where attendees were encouraged to come dressed in the costume of either their 1st or 2nd Life origins. Since a Starfleet ensign's uniform is decidedly un-glamorous, imo, I chose my 1st Life heritage: Mutt European/Westerner, ca. 1900.

Here I am dancing with the ever-dashing Red Caliber, sometime privateer, who appears to have some true Caledonian blood in his veins.

Shortly thereafter, I took a turn around the "floor" with Mr. Gnarlihotep Abel (I love that first name, it's so.... eldritch, somehow...). It appears that his heritage is similar to mine.

Later on, Mr. Roy Smashcan, displaying his Maritime Northerly 1st Life background with a sturdy iron helm, maille armor, and cloak, whirled me gallantly despite the probable discomfort of dancing in battle gear. Those Northmen are nothing if not stalwart!

Not long after this, my busy husband, Mr. Peterman, made a brief appearance and honored me with the pleasure of his company for a dance. Alas, I have no image of this, because I had become convinced that my snapshots were not "taking". This morning I found they had been saved to an obscure file on my computer. Ah, time.....

Sunday night, the 26th, was a Pirate Dance in Steelhead City, the new (well, under new management) "Oregon Territories ca. 1850" sim. Not one to pass up an opportunity to dress 18th century, I felt compelled to attend.
Here I am, dancing once again with Mr. Abel, this time on the deck of a "ship" specially constructed by Ms. Tensai Hilra for the occasion. Our faces are partially obscured by our de-rigeur mascots, Mr. Abel's a parrot and mine, er, Gimli cat. One day I must get a RL photo of him doing just this: riding around on my shoulder. He really does it, but I fear people who haven't met him might not believe me.
Mr. Caliber also attended this function and whirled me around the floor a bit.
Later, I rowed both of them around the lagoon in my little dinghy. When Mr. Caliber took his leave, Mr. Abel and I repaired to Sanchon for some naval maneuvers . He graciously provided me with my own brigantine so we could engage in some impromptu warfare. I had a willing gun crew consisting of Tensai Hilra and JeZeBel (something creative.... I forget). We shot each other up pretty well, but I was frustrated by the lack of a wind-direction HUD on the brig. The Flying Tako (nice little sloop) has spoiled me. Since you can't "feel" the wind in SL, it's hard to know how to set one's sails and I spent a lot of time either backwinding or needlessly spilling air. Must practice. We'll do this again in the near future.

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