Sunday, March 18, 2007

New Equippage

Our friend Locatya Elytis decided she just had to have some rolling stock, and picked up one of these smart broughams or landaus or whatever this is. It seats six, at any rate, and came with a sturdy pair of matched grey percherons. She caught me in the middle of an impromptu tea party, so I just brought my cuppa along. This rig has such a smooth suspension that I didn't spill a drop, despite the rather lumpy trail conditions in Tanglewood. Must speak to Mr. Shang about his "paving with boulders" scheme: it makes for some difficult driving.

We repaired to Mayfair, where the roads are more conducive to driving in a straight line (if a bit narrow).

When I looked at these images, I decided to do a bit of Photoshopping and add driving lines, as it looked strange without them. Also, for our latest 1st Life equestrian adventure, you can visit my other blog here.

At the aforementioned "tea party", which occured in a lovely garden in Babbage, I encountered a young lady who reminded me of somebody I once knew in a place far away in the future:

She even has the same name as my erstwhile acquaintance, Kaylee Frye (a.k.a. Kaywinnet Lee Frye)! Yes, my favorite spaceship mechanic is alive and well and plying the spaceways of Second Life! I must get her over to the wonderful Firefly in Rua for a photo shoot one of these days...

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