Monday, March 26, 2007

Weekend Report: social scene

Friday night was a "goth" themed dance in Steelhead, DJ'd by noneother than our own Beau Brummel, Edward Pearse (in background manning the fabulous two-platter Victrola). I threw together a goth-type outfit made from various parts, and topped it with a corset worn as outerwear: pretty daring, I thought!

If this wasn't scandalous enough, the following night was "20s Gangster night". I cast about in my inventory and came up with something a flapper might wear, then had to run over to the GNUbie store for some short hair. I think the overall effect was a success. Just for the record, I would never show this much leg in RL...

Earlier in the day (Saturday) there was a lively bathing party in Caledon on Sea, hosted by Miss. V. Tombola and Miss. H Callisto. I used my newly acquired skills to throw together a bathing dress, augmented by a skirt and sandals from V. Tombola (see photo below). Many bathing beauties were present (see photo above), and although I was only able to attend for a few minutes, it looked like a successful party.

Update 10-17-07: I was wandering through the Guvnah's Mansion the other week, and noticed the above image on the east wall. I'm very flattered my imitation gelatin or salt print (or whatever I was going for) of the bathing party has been so honored!

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