Sunday, May 27, 2007

Goings on: The Queen's Birthday and Black & White "ball"

Last Thursday we celebrated the Queen's Birthday at a lovely gathering hosted by Sir Edward Pearse and Miss Christine McAllister. Since Queen Victoria's reign spanned a goodly number of years, there were examples of the fashions of a good portion of the 19th century. The 50s and 60s dominated, but I prefer the decades on either side and so chose a frock from the late 80s.

Here I am dancing with our dashing host, Sir Edward (sporting a mechanical arm since the recent unpleasantness with Neualtenberg).

Earlier, my good friend E. Somme offered his arm and we trod the grass a bit.

On Friday, the weekly dance theme was "Black & White". It being Steelhead, I assumed the music would be "pop" and so wasn't too worried about my lack of appropriately hued formalwear. I found a black cocktail dress with white dots ca. 1950s in my wardrobe, and saw a good opportunity to try a new hairdo.

Here we are dancing in the giant TV, provided by the gentleman in shirtsleeves (who's name escapes me). Sir Ed came as a b&w space hero, and Red Calibre is appropriate (pictured) in white tie & tails, while Tensai Hilra does her street punk and Emily Orr chose a jaunty plaid dinner gown.

At one point I glanced up from the dance floor (and friend Hermione Pennyfeather, left) and saw that Tensai Hilra's cat (I think that's who it is) was keeping an eye on us from above. Cats: gotta' love 'em.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Impromptu (for me) party

Finished chores and popped in-world around 2100 last night to find a hoppin' (literally) Rez Day party at Lady Amber's Pavilion. Seems it was her Rez Day (day she entered Second Life for the first time) recently, but since she had been off grid due to a wonky computer, she was throwing her party a bit after the fact. No matter! Her faithful hound, Braveheart, was on hand as a quadruped doorman and greeter, and we all danced jigs to lively Celtic music.

I was pleased to meet many friends and acquaintances, including the long absent H. Otoole (dressed smartly in his Hussar's Uniform), back from exile in Roma. His cohort H. Pennyfeather was gadding about sans shoes and in a VERY SHORT SKIRT...but, thank heavens, with proper headgear. R. Calibre made an appearance and joined in the festivities, as did V. Tombola with a very festive streamered-wreath crowning her glorious hair. I couldn't stay long, but it was a lovely evening.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Dirty Doings?

Popped in to visit friend Hotspur Otoole at his charming Polymath estate, only to find this scene of woe: What does it mean?!

Update May 9: This! This is what it means! Caledonians styling themselves as jackbooted thugs! Noble warriors cut down in their prime! Teutonic leaders dragged forcibly from their steins! We live in desperate times.

(Thanks to Cpt. Pearse for the dispatch).