Saturday, May 12, 2007

Impromptu (for me) party

Finished chores and popped in-world around 2100 last night to find a hoppin' (literally) Rez Day party at Lady Amber's Pavilion. Seems it was her Rez Day (day she entered Second Life for the first time) recently, but since she had been off grid due to a wonky computer, she was throwing her party a bit after the fact. No matter! Her faithful hound, Braveheart, was on hand as a quadruped doorman and greeter, and we all danced jigs to lively Celtic music.

I was pleased to meet many friends and acquaintances, including the long absent H. Otoole (dressed smartly in his Hussar's Uniform), back from exile in Roma. His cohort H. Pennyfeather was gadding about sans shoes and in a VERY SHORT SKIRT...but, thank heavens, with proper headgear. R. Calibre made an appearance and joined in the festivities, as did V. Tombola with a very festive streamered-wreath crowning her glorious hair. I couldn't stay long, but it was a lovely evening.

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