Sunday, September 16, 2007


Was listening to Radio Riel yesterday as I bustled about with RL house guests, and noticed there was a ceilidh brewing down in Loch Avie. I popped in to say "howdy" to folks I haven't seen in months, and asked the charming DJ (Sir Edward, Earl of Primbroke) for a verbal "Happy 50th Birthday!" dedication to my wonderful husband, Rittmaster Peterman. He did, and my knight in shining armor (literally, actually) got a big charge out of it.

Cpt. Somme stopped in for a moment, looking quite dashing in his breeches and silk stockings against a sea of outlandish, if colorful, be-kilted fellows. RL called him away as well, and so our appearance was a brief one.

As soon as the RL play in which I'm acting goes up, I'll have more time to experiment with SL and continue developing more historical garments, with the goal of eventually opening a shop or otherwise offering off-the rack wardrobe. Stay tuned.