Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Virtual Europa?

A friend introduced me to the Girl Genius comic series a few weeks ago. It's not that I hadn't heard about it before. I'd run into a lovely poster in Cyn Vandeverre's shop in Caledon, but I wasn't really interested in taking the time to read the thing, despite the fact that it's easily available online. I finally succumbed, and then had to read the whole dang thing over a period of days: whew! Fun stuff.

Now, it seems certain persons have chosen to realize this wonderful Steampunk (or "gaslamp") fiction creation within SL, and where more perfect than the Victorian sims of Caledon and Steelhead (and Babbage and...)?

I had heard of a Wulfenbach consulate being erected in Steelhead, so I first went there. It's very civilized and decorous, and fits in well with the late 19th c theme there. Love the shiny brass name plate over the door (glad I, or anyone else, for that matter, don't have to polish it!)

Inside I found the expected Girl Genius references, a spectacular map of Europa, and the Consul's desk, which I took advantage of to snap a "studious and hard-working Mrs. Peterman" scene...and I got to keep the pen!

Note the raffish Jaegermonster references on the wall. I also like the "donation brain" on the desk. How can you resist such charming touches?

I remembered that there had been an official reception for the consulate in Caledon Kittiwikshire some days ago. I was unable to attend due to rl commitments, but why not find it now? So, off I went...

Just across from the Salty Mermaid Tavern, the Kittiwick Consulate is a bit larger with a nice lawn for gatherings. Inside I found much the same in the way of furnishings, with the addition of a Quiz Phone (I believe ZenMondo Wormser makes these?). It offers, of course, a "Girl Genius" quiz, at which I just managed to hold my own.

Here's an exterior view, with yet another shiny brass plaque. The sun was setting at this point, hence the warm light.

(credits: Yes, I'm wearing an original Cyn Vandeverre gown, modified slightly with a few poofiness adjustments and a lace jabot from Virrginia Tombola's cycling costume. Oh, and a parasol, of course.)


Eladrienne Laval said...

I love Girl Genius! I need to try the Quiz A Phone there! What fun!

Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke said...

If you did not already find the invite, on behalf of the Consulate I'd like to invite you to the opening in Kittiwickshire on Saturday evening. The event is from 4-10 SLT so hopefully you may be able to make it for a little while at some point.

Neb said...

I'll be able to duck in right at the beginning. I'll have to leave early to get ready for the last performance of a play I'm doing (whew!). Thanks so much for the personal invitation!

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Frau Peterman, I apologise for not having seen your notes before. I am glad you had such pleasant visits to the current offices, and would have liked to greet you personally.

Earl Primbroke, my Chancellor, has already passed on the invitation, but let me also offer it to you in another medium:

Invitation to all Caledon

You may feel welcome in arriving early; the Duchess of Tamerthon may be doing so as well. We will have everything in place except for the musicians, I assure you.

Neb said...

Herr Baron;

Thank you kindly for the invitation! I hope to be able to attend the next function. Today has proven to be more full than I'd anticipated, and I am on my way to the theater.

Yours etc.,

NN Peterman