Tuesday, October 16, 2007

You can't escape...

... the jousting, apparently. We had a 16th century soldier training thing at our house this past weekend, and when I logged in to SL tonight with an AV geek question for somebody I was IM'd by Col. Somme who was...jousting! It's about the best jousting I've seen in SL. The lances even "shatter" if you hit just right! Somme had roped (haha) H Otoole into having a go, and it sounds like this jousting setup is very effective...once it's calibrated. Also, for those interested in taking up the sport, may I recommend a horse with a roached or braided mane? According to the intrepid Otoole, a fluffy, zero gravity, flowing horse hairdo makes a better door than a window (when in mouselook, anyway). At any rate, it seems like rl jousting is less fussy, if more dangerous, than the virtual kind.

Yes, it's another art imitates life situation. Here's Rittmaster Peterman in RL, demonstrating our weekend:
...and here's Col. Somme, having a go in SL:

Love the strap barding and Medieval saddle on the horse!

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