Sunday, December 16, 2007

1st Life Soiree

Mr. Peterman and I were, regrettably, unable to attend the Caledon/Winterfell Ball last night due to a rather joyous 1st life social engagement: the nuptials of two very good friends of ours! It was a "just wear formal dress of your favorite period" kind of thing, and since Mr. P usually opts for 16th century that's what we did. As soon as I get our 18th c kit together we'll trot it out. The bride and groom went Edwardian, and the lavish meal which followed was also Edwardian/Victorian in style. Most of the people in attendance are multi-talented, and so we had live music for singing and dancing (some bransles, an old set dance, and a variation on a Virginia Reel). Needless to say, we slept late this morning...

Here, in full song, we have (from left to right) the Groom, the Bride, Mrs. Master Payne, Tora, Master William, and Tora's friend who's name I've forgotten. Oh, and an 18th c gentleman and a Tudor lady who shall remain unnamed.
Here is Mr. Peterman flirting with Madame Sinead, who is wearing a lovely robin's egg blue Edwardian dinner gown. I hope somebody else snapped a photo of her actually standing up in it. I was too busy lusting after Tora's gold saque-back baroque number (see below).

No evening's entertainments would be complete without the larger-than-life legerdemain of Master Payne! Here he is in the midst of a "card trick" that is far too complicated for me to explain. It involves a deck of cards (natch), three, volunteers, a sword, and dramatic demonstrations of demise at the dénouement.

As mentioned above, here is Tora in her gold watteau gown. Can't for the life of me remember the name of Capt. Whatsisname, there. Update later, perhaps. At any rate, she looks much improved since last I saw her!

This was a soiree that would make any Caledonian proud. In this last photo you can see that there was much dancing, a variety of costume, and people in kilts/plaids. Is that not as Caledonian as it comes, I ask you?

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Eladrienne Laval said...

Oooo! Wonderful! Thank you for sharing these with us!