Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The En Garde saga continues

Can't get enough of this game. Luckily, its popularity is increasing, so one can almost always scare up a sparring partner at a moment's notice.
Here I am having a go at Ms. Elegia Underwood, who stylishly sports a costume from the Terry Lighfoot collection ("To a T", I believe is the name of her line). It's always a close run thing when I spar with her! She's a wily opponent.

Pining for a partner on another day, Sir Sin Trenton offered his services. This gentleman also proved a worthy opponent, and we dueled with matched Galvanic Sword Sticks from Ordinal Malaprop's amazing weapons collections.

I must say I'm amazed at my progress, and as of last night I was actually close behind Col. Somme in the local standings! I consider that quite a feat, considering his renown with the blade.

Now, this isn't to say that I am utterly consumed with martial pursuits. Heaven forfend! Radio Riel has been broadcasting chapters from "A Christmas Carol", and I've tried to be present at the listening parties at the RR office in Penzance. At the end of the chapter featuring a visit to Mr. Fezziwig's party, where the "Roger De Coverly" reel was mentioned, Duchess Gabi kindly obliged us by playing said reel. Since we have yet to come up with appropriate "reel" animations, we made do with jigging, instead.

Ms. E. Laval and I kick up our heels to the sounds of the "Brassworks" brass band.

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