Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Intrepid Adventurer

Finally put some good "adventuring" wardrobe together for flying, climbing, motoring, and other windy, rugged pursuits. The overcoat is from Steamkids designs, the cap is one of their freebies, the riding breeches are from the Numbukulla wreck, and the goggles are by Virginia Tombola (I changed the glass tint from green to amber). She does great 19th c period clothing, btw: I highly recommend her designs if you're looking for historical accuracy. Oh, the undershirt is the "Irish Shirt" that's one of the free Linden textures, and the neckerchief is from the free "Cowboy" outfit from the now defunct "Sigil" sim (I rotated it 180 degrees).

At any rate, I just had to take a spin in my Nimbus airship to see how it worked out. Gimli had to go, too, because he's a limpet. Here we are drifting down Loch Avie just above the water. I spied the "monster" that appears sporadically, but was unable to get a good shot of him.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Caledon Anniversary

Yesterday, the 26th of February, was the one year anniversary of the Kingdom (?) of Caledon! The DFL (Dictator for Life), Desmond Shang, decreed a little gathering in Tamranoch, which turned out to be a major crush! Mr. Peterman and I had to leave for our RL Monday night meeting, but at that point there were over 74 people in the sim anyway, so it's just as well, I suppose. In honor of Caledon, I took one of Mr. Shang's Caledon tartan textures and put together this gown. The oversleeves are from the freebie gown available on the cart in the square in Victoria City. The lace undersleeves are from the "Saloon Girl" costume I picked up in Sigil (right before it went belly-up). The skirt/pollonaise prim is from the current fashion design contest sponsored Prim & Proper.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Social Report

This past weekend was a busy one on 1st and 2nd Life both! Friday night, the 24th, was the First Annual Caledon Heritage Ball, where attendees were encouraged to come dressed in the costume of either their 1st or 2nd Life origins. Since a Starfleet ensign's uniform is decidedly un-glamorous, imo, I chose my 1st Life heritage: Mutt European/Westerner, ca. 1900.

Here I am dancing with the ever-dashing Red Caliber, sometime privateer, who appears to have some true Caledonian blood in his veins.

Shortly thereafter, I took a turn around the "floor" with Mr. Gnarlihotep Abel (I love that first name, it's so.... eldritch, somehow...). It appears that his heritage is similar to mine.

Later on, Mr. Roy Smashcan, displaying his Maritime Northerly 1st Life background with a sturdy iron helm, maille armor, and cloak, whirled me gallantly despite the probable discomfort of dancing in battle gear. Those Northmen are nothing if not stalwart!

Not long after this, my busy husband, Mr. Peterman, made a brief appearance and honored me with the pleasure of his company for a dance. Alas, I have no image of this, because I had become convinced that my snapshots were not "taking". This morning I found they had been saved to an obscure file on my computer. Ah, time.....

Sunday night, the 26th, was a Pirate Dance in Steelhead City, the new (well, under new management) "Oregon Territories ca. 1850" sim. Not one to pass up an opportunity to dress 18th century, I felt compelled to attend.
Here I am, dancing once again with Mr. Abel, this time on the deck of a "ship" specially constructed by Ms. Tensai Hilra for the occasion. Our faces are partially obscured by our de-rigeur mascots, Mr. Abel's a parrot and mine, er, Gimli cat. One day I must get a RL photo of him doing just this: riding around on my shoulder. He really does it, but I fear people who haven't met him might not believe me.
Mr. Caliber also attended this function and whirled me around the floor a bit.
Later, I rowed both of them around the lagoon in my little dinghy. When Mr. Caliber took his leave, Mr. Abel and I repaired to Sanchon for some naval maneuvers . He graciously provided me with my own brigantine so we could engage in some impromptu warfare. I had a willing gun crew consisting of Tensai Hilra and JeZeBel (something creative.... I forget). We shot each other up pretty well, but I was frustrated by the lack of a wind-direction HUD on the brig. The Flying Tako (nice little sloop) has spoiled me. Since you can't "feel" the wind in SL, it's hard to know how to set one's sails and I spent a lot of time either backwinding or needlessly spilling air. Must practice. We'll do this again in the near future.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Petermans in 1st Life

This is an actual ferrotype (tintype) of us, taken during our train robbing days (Roaring Camp Railroad, Scott's Valley, CA) more than eight years ago by Wm. Dunniway. I just put it here to compare to our SL images. Since this was struck, Mr. Peterman has slimmed down about 15 lbs.. I think it landed on me, because I'm about 10 lbs. up.... but I look about the same (corsets: our friend).

As you can see, it's almost impossible to get the Rittmaster out of boots & spurs, but at least they're relatively clean.

Here's an image of me as a Juarista. If you're going to rob trains, why not do it with gusto? It wasn't until later that Mr. P pointed out to me that I had my bandoliers on upside down. D'oh!

Several years previously, during The War, my "brother" (ahem) had served in the Union Army as a Steward/Ambulance driver. People say he resembles me in a positively uncanny way, but they have only these images to go on as we have never been seen together in person. Hm....

This detail from another ferrotype shows me in my usual guise: slaving over a hot fire! Since this image was struck, we have moved onto some good land in the Oregon Territories and have enough room for the Rittmaster's two horses plus the mount of a jousting buddy, plus a few chickens and cats. (Most of) the cooking happens indoors these days.

Forever Plaid

Wandered over to Steelhead City last night and found what is apparently the regular Friday night shindig going on. This week the theme was "Gathering of the Clans" or somesuch, so I changed into my Caledon tartan gown for the first time. It's rather "loud", but since this was a fairly loud bash I didn't feel out of place.

Just to my right is Mr. Roy Smashcan in his dapper full-dress kilt. The gentleman to his left, who's name I'm having trouble remembering (Finnian?) is going for the "rough 'n tumble rugged rustic great kilt" look. The lady in the green/blue plaid and fiery hair got my vote for "best-dressed lassie", but alas she did not win the prize. Mr. Ed Pearse won the "best dressed lad" award with his double-breasted "doublet" and red and white plaid kilt hose. Are we surprised? No, we are not.

I wish I had a photo of him, but the shots I took later at the saloon didn't come out for some reason. Well, my ferrotypist friend always says that wet-plate photography is mostly art with a little science thrown in. I think this electronic photography must be similar, and my virtual chemistry was tired out or the virtual air temperature was too high.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Pleasant Social Evening

The Rittmaster and I spend a pleasant hour visiting with Mr. Somme at his Albany Club in Victoria City this evening. Topics ranged from historical firearms to North American Indian heirlooms to, of course, military history. This image really captures the personalities of the parties involved, I think: Mr. P is checking his gloves, I'm stuffing my face, and Mr. Somme is sitting ramrod straight so as not to muss his uniform. Also, although it's not readily apparent due to the small size of the figures, but I've finally found a hairstyle that's approaching my RL hair! The "Jane Wyman" bangs I've been sporting (see below) are charming but a) not particularly period, esp. for pre-1920, and b) not how I wear my "fringe". I may be unusual in this respect, but it's my goal to make my SL avatar look as much like the real me as possible. Now I just need to come up with some silver wire-framed "Windsor" spectacles and I'll be close to perfect! I'm working on Mr. P's appearance in the same manner (the new "prim" handlebar mustaches help enormously!).

Afterward, we paid a quick visit to Steelhead City. Mr. Peterman was impressed with the lovely garden next to the (ahem) bordello, and we passed a few quiet moments enjoying the scenery and each other's company.

Latest spring fashions

New gown from Prim & Proper (with added chemisette/tucker for daytime), new hat by Jules Whittlesea (re-dyed to match gown)! Looking at this photo, I see again that I have to learn how to make a new "skin" for myself. That makeup is far too "evening", and I never wear purple eyeshadow, even for dance performances. Also, those eyebrows are much more "shaped" than my own. Hm.... So far, every free or budget "daywear" skin I've found has made me looked like Britney Spears or JLo with sun damage: bleh. Where's the Catherine Zeta Jones skin? A Natalie Wood would do me just fine! Feh.
Now, time to get off the computer and dig in the dirt, my bulbs are coming up everywhere!!!

First Life: get one!

Before I go any further, I think this is most appropriate... and also the biggest laugh I've had in awhile, including during my frequent MST3k sessions.

(Thanks to alert blogger Ed Pearse for passing this along!)

Second Life Obsession

Do I need another blog? No, but I'm doing it anyway. I'm totally inspired by Miss Cornelia Rothschild and her amazingly entertaining blog of her adventures in Second Life. Ours will no doubt be less comprehensive and "first person", since I'm just myself in SL, as is the Rittmaster (when I can drag him in there), but at least I can keep a record of our escapades and discoveries.

First, some catching up.....

When some close friends showed me Second Life, almost a year ago (!), I thought it was mildly amusing. Then I found it very entertaining, but was disappointed with the visual clutter and general plebe-yness of most places/people I encountered. Then I discovered my first "themed sim" : Galaxy! Wow, a Star Trek simulation! How cool is that? I joined up immediately (there I am in my ensign's uniform) and looked forward to tactical events, role playing, and general military-in-space hyjinks.

Alas, it didn't take long for me to realize that I was trying to make lemonade out of lemons, the lemons being apparently very "young" people with no concept of military bearing or tactical knowledge. My experience was a letdown and I wandered off.

It wasn't long before I indulged in my aquatic habits. First I discovered that you can go sailing in SL! Yay! I don't have a real boat right now, as my hubby is a horse nut and that's where the energy/dollars go. Fortunately a helpful buccaneer showed me where to pick up a little day-sailer (I don't have pics yet). When I grow weary of the burning sun, I repair below the waves.

Shopping for Orientalist 19th century clothing last year, I happened upon a shop in the Victorian-themed sim "Caledon". As time went by, I found myself returning there more often, until one day, after a hiatus of several months from SL, I found Caledon had grown into a multi-sim "world" of its own! The people are genteel and civilized and wear appropriate clothing (unlike the half-dressed supermodels in the rest of SL), and they can carry on conversations using words of more than one syllable! How refreshing! I was hooked.

After attending a ball or two (see Ed Pearse's blog for lots of ball pictures), I was invited to a riding out with the Mt. Caledon Troopers. (That's me on the left in my riding habit). It was very enjoyable to ride out with other equestrian enthusiasts, but I'm not really comfortable with steeplechase/foxhunt/gaggle riding. The organizer in me prefers the geometry of cavalry excercises. With that in mind, I formed the "Warhorse Guild", with the goal of forming a Caledon Cavalry at some point.

With much prodding, I managed to get my husband, Rittmaster Peterman, into Caledon. His RL jousting buddy bought us some decent mounts (which we've based on RL horses Woody-Mr. P's bay & Jaran-Locatya Elytis's black). Yes, that's my cat, Gimli, on my shoulder.
It wasn't long before I'd introduced Mr. Peterman to some of my historically-inclined acquaintances in Caledon, and soon they were chatting away about military history.

The Rittmaster has given one talk on the history of Cavalry (pre-history to 1800) at the Albany Club, and we have plans for future such events. We are also experimenting with jousting in Caledon, and have graciously been given permission to use the courtyard of Caledon Castle (in the Moors).