Saturday, October 27, 2007

Just like Steelhead...only non-virtual

Went to a "Deadwood"-themed Halloween party last night. We've never watched that show, for various reasons, but Mr. Peterman said it was 1870s-ish, so we pulled some 1870s clothes out and went. That's Mr. P in the middle, in the blue plastron-front shirt and big hat (of course). Perhaps somebody snapped a shot of me at some point and it will find its way to us. I only took this one shot, because the house was lit only by little candles and I had to use the flash which was VERY annoying to all...

Update: pics are in from our charming hostess, "Calamity Jane". First up, Mrs. Peterman in her yellow pollonaise with blue underskirt (the pics are coming in all black & white). 1st life hair is more complicated to deal with than 2nd life. This one lives in a box in my sewing room and it takes me forever to style it. Note the cat. Found cat approximately 45 seconds after entering the house. There is a reason why my avatar often has a cat perched on her shoulder: I find them and they find me.

Next up, Mr. Peterman and a female of questionable morals. I tell you, turn your back for a minute and men go all goofy.

No matter, some time later I found myself politely refusing the advances of a very loquatious Irishman. I can see by this image that I need a bigger bustle pad. Ruefully inadequate...

The party went later than we did, as we had to catch a boat back to our side of the Big Water. This shot of Master Payne and his lovely wife Marie was taken after our departure.*

*Yes, it really is Master Payne in the flesh. Wonders never cease, n'est ce pas?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Virtual Europa?

A friend introduced me to the Girl Genius comic series a few weeks ago. It's not that I hadn't heard about it before. I'd run into a lovely poster in Cyn Vandeverre's shop in Caledon, but I wasn't really interested in taking the time to read the thing, despite the fact that it's easily available online. I finally succumbed, and then had to read the whole dang thing over a period of days: whew! Fun stuff.

Now, it seems certain persons have chosen to realize this wonderful Steampunk (or "gaslamp") fiction creation within SL, and where more perfect than the Victorian sims of Caledon and Steelhead (and Babbage and...)?

I had heard of a Wulfenbach consulate being erected in Steelhead, so I first went there. It's very civilized and decorous, and fits in well with the late 19th c theme there. Love the shiny brass name plate over the door (glad I, or anyone else, for that matter, don't have to polish it!)

Inside I found the expected Girl Genius references, a spectacular map of Europa, and the Consul's desk, which I took advantage of to snap a "studious and hard-working Mrs. Peterman" scene...and I got to keep the pen!

Note the raffish Jaegermonster references on the wall. I also like the "donation brain" on the desk. How can you resist such charming touches?

I remembered that there had been an official reception for the consulate in Caledon Kittiwikshire some days ago. I was unable to attend due to rl commitments, but why not find it now? So, off I went...

Just across from the Salty Mermaid Tavern, the Kittiwick Consulate is a bit larger with a nice lawn for gatherings. Inside I found much the same in the way of furnishings, with the addition of a Quiz Phone (I believe ZenMondo Wormser makes these?). It offers, of course, a "Girl Genius" quiz, at which I just managed to hold my own.

Here's an exterior view, with yet another shiny brass plaque. The sun was setting at this point, hence the warm light.

(credits: Yes, I'm wearing an original Cyn Vandeverre gown, modified slightly with a few poofiness adjustments and a lace jabot from Virrginia Tombola's cycling costume. Oh, and a parasol, of course.)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

You can't escape...

... the jousting, apparently. We had a 16th century soldier training thing at our house this past weekend, and when I logged in to SL tonight with an AV geek question for somebody I was IM'd by Col. Somme who was...jousting! It's about the best jousting I've seen in SL. The lances even "shatter" if you hit just right! Somme had roped (haha) H Otoole into having a go, and it sounds like this jousting setup is very effective...once it's calibrated. Also, for those interested in taking up the sport, may I recommend a horse with a roached or braided mane? According to the intrepid Otoole, a fluffy, zero gravity, flowing horse hairdo makes a better door than a window (when in mouselook, anyway). At any rate, it seems like rl jousting is less fussy, if more dangerous, than the virtual kind.

Yes, it's another art imitates life situation. Here's Rittmaster Peterman in RL, demonstrating our weekend:
...and here's Col. Somme, having a go in SL:

Love the strap barding and Medieval saddle on the horse!