Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween etc.

Due to the raging cold I fought all last week and pretty much until day before yesterday, my galavanting about, real or virtual, has been pretty much curtailed. Mr. P and I live on a quiet country road in 1st life, and as usual had no trick or treaters (plus, he worked late last night), so I decided to look for Halloween fun in SL instead!

First, I made a costume and turned myself into a ghostly apparition:

Luckily I had some white hair in my closet. The above photo was taken at "The Haunting Hour" in the October Country, but it was a party over-crammed with people I don't know talking about nothing and too much lag, so I apparated out of there to Caledon, where I found a swinging scene at Castle Cymru. The dashing ZenMondo Wormser was spinning the wax cylinders and the floor was littered with fabulously costumed guests.

I soon found myself dancing next to that Man about Madness, the Great Cthulhu himself. He may look soft from all of that "slumbering in R'yleh" slothfulness, but he can cut a rug (amongst other things).

The problem with these "Elder Gods" is that they honestly take no notice of us mere mortals, dead or alive. It's a good thing I was a ghost, or I might have take harm when accidentally skewered by Ol' Tentacle Head.

The Lovecraft theme was running swift this past week. On Thursday the 25th I attended a nifty "Radio Broadcast" of the original Orson Wells "War of the Worlds" followed by the HPLHS production of "At the Mountains of Madness", by HP Lovecraft. This was hosted by The Earl of Primbroke, Edward Pearse, and he did a bang up job as usual. The setting was on a plot of land in Western Caledon that had been decked out with story-appropriate props of cyclopean proportions, including several different designs of alien tripods (for the Wells story), and a snowfield, Antarctic Mountains backdrop, and token "Old One" for the Lovecraft portion of the event.
Here I am with the set decoration "Old One". "Mrs. P does the Antarctic!"