Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Absinthe making a comeback!

I read it on the web so it must be true! Apparently absinthe is no longer illegal...in some countries. Anybody know if the US of A is one of the lucky ones? I'm not much of an imbiber, but I so want to try it. Sounds a bit like Ouzo, taste-wise, or Arack. Absinthe...it makes the heart grow fonder!

Update: here's a great link from V. Tombola, which reveals the shocking truth about currently produced so called "absinthe" in the US of A! Turns out it's all a travesty, due to the fraidy-pants FDA's bias against little ole' thujone (the "active ingredient" in wormwood). Turns out any "absinthe" product you buy in this country has, supposedly, been scrubbed of the offending essential oil. Why a little thujone is any worse than the actual super-concentrated alcohol alone is beyond me. If somebody wants to chug this stuff and then, say, get behind the wheel, the herbal content is the least of their worries, in my opinion. Oh, well. C'est la guerre.


Eladrienne Laval said...

As far as I know it is still illegal here in the US...but there is a type called Absente, that is available here made from a different type of wormwood.

Absinthe's really quite delicious--at least to me--smooth and tastes like sweet licorice...

Virrginia Tombola said...

I think the law in the US just changed on this:
But they are filtering out the thujone, which is the mild hallucinogenic.

Hmmmm...I hope I won't seem overly demimonde with this confession, but absinthe is the one illegal substance I have imbided in my life. It was a send off when a member of my writer's workshop was leaving the country, and such is my excuse. One can see what happens when one rubs shoulders with the creative set, I suppose.

Prepared correct (watered and sugared), it's extremely tasty, much like liquorice candy. I ought have known better, but I had a second glass as well. An odd sense of detachment ensued, and I found myself thinking utterly brilliant thoughts, none of which did me the courtesy of remaining in my memory. The morning after was characterized not by "le mal de tete" but rather a strong feeling of apathetic "ennui".

Tasty or not, I think in the future I shall leave such imbibing to the Poes and Van Goghs of the world.

Neb said...

Curiouser and curiouser! Thanks for sharing your experience, Virrg. That Green Devil site is full of information! Looks like I have most of the ingredients for absinthe growing in my yard, barring star anise, citron, etc. I also don't have any hard stuff in my pantry, but it could be acquired. Frankly, it sounds like an interesting period "home brewing" experiment. Now I need to find out if my artemesia bush is actual Wormwood or some other variety. Hm.

I tried Jagermeister as a "tonic" after a heavy German meal one time, and it was kind of strong and bitter. Absinthe sounds yummier.