Monday, February 4, 2008

Just the Facts

First Life is taking precedence lately. I find that I'm in one of those periods where I must take care of business and get going with responsibilities or I will be heading for serious mental illness. I've been darting in-world to look at new things, play the occasional game of En Garde, and poke around looking for a likely place to buy/rent/lease and otherwise stake a claim. Caledon is really my only choice, as I can't imagine setting down anywhere else in SL. Since the structure I want to set up is definitely a venerable old pile of stones, gothic and pretty much pre-18th c (see above photo of "The Manse of the Undying Marquis" with "Baelnorn's Belfry" in the background, both by artist/architect Tarsis Strangelove) , I'm thinking Moors, Stormhold, etc.. I don't need a big plot, so if anybody hears of something I'm all ears.


Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Frau Nadir Peterman,

Although I understand your sentiments, have you looked at Steelhead yet? They are planning a new sim soon, and have one 1024 plot left in Harborside. Your desired build may add just the right sort of quirk to the atmosphere there.


Klaus Wulfenbach, Baron

Neb said...

Thank you for your suggestion, Herr Baron. I'm just not sure about pushing the envelope even further than it's already been pushed in what is ostensible supposed to be "1840s Oregon Territories".

Yours, etc.,

Nabila N Peterman

TotalLunar Eclipse said...

I believe we've prided ourselves in being 'hysterically accurate.'

After all, I heard an elf runs the place.

Neb said...

Well, sir....

After our conversation the other night, I'm reconsidering my notion that my "gothic pile" would be out of place, especially considering the terrain of the upcoming areas. We'll see if I can beat the land rush tomorrow...

Yours etc.,

N N Peterman