Friday, May 9, 2008

Getting better...

Finally got the tower/folly erected. Now, If I can just slow down and quit messing it up, accidentally deleting it, etc. in my haste to fine-tune my home-sweet-home, all will be good. My "horse boarder" Ms. Tripsa is probably getting tired of me accidentally disappearing her barn (and horse). I need to listen to Treebeard and slow down...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My own slice of heaven

Well, it's not completely "developed", but it's presentable. My first land! Peterman's Folly is in the very SW corner of Steelhead Boomtown. A hotspring bisects the parcel and tumbles down into the Columbia Gorge. I hereby dub it "Bridle Vale Falls" (not to be confused with "Bridal Veil Falls" on the real gorge. I'll do it better, later, but it's good for now. There are opportunities for soaking in the hot springs, so be sure to try it out! Barn will be up soon, with hay storage and shelter for livestock. Eventually I'll build the "folly", which will be my house, but until then I'm roughing it.

I'm trying to keep in the "Columbia Gorge ca. 1880s" theme. So glad it's the 19th century (no sailboarders!). Anybody looking for inspiration can find a wealth of images on the web. Look up "Maryhill Museum", "Multnomah Falls" (pictured left), and "Vista House" for starters. There's a fabulous turn of the century building at the Multnomah Falls park that houses a nice restaurant. The last time I ate there I felt like I was in 1920: gorgeous Craftsman detailing and lots of river rock. Needless to say, I love this area of the PNW, and am glad it's in easy driving distance of where I live a few hours north.

For the druid-ly inclined, Sam Hill (a concrete magnate from Portland, late 19th c) built a WW1 memorial in the shape of Stonehenge: full scale. It overlooks the river just East of Maryhill Museum (the former Hill mansion), and is a sort of "Stonehenge pre-erosion/weathering". If somebody wants to put something like that on the north side of the river, I'd be all agog!