Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Force Was With Us

Great dance in Steelhead last night. Star Wars theme. The music was really super...made me want to get up and dance. What I DID was search for the "Journey of the Sorcerer" online until I found an MP3 to download. Why hadn't I done it before? The "Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy" radio broadcasts are among my favorite radio shows ever. The casting is so perfect as to be sublime. The whole production is just timeless. I still haven't seen the movie version, but I haven't been rushing to since it wasn't received well by diehard fans.

Anyway, last night's shindig was nifty. Lots of great costumes, including a yummy Plavalaguna riding a Bantha, a couple of Slave Leias, several Jedi knights, Tensai as a tiny (natch) Jawa, and Eladrienne Laval as a tiny Amidala complete with exhaustive wardrobe.

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