Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!


Monya Clayton said...

1.11a.m. and this old girl is going to bed, probably to sleep in tomorrow morning. Do you celebrate Guy Fawkes Day in the U.S. or are you having a bit of fun? We used to love it, then it was moved to June, then it was cancelled altogether in 1972. Too many fires starting and too many people hurting themselves. Gosh, our old dog just loved chasing firecrackers. Truly.

Neb said...

The US does not officially recognize Guy Fawkes day. However, some of we history geeks do indeed have fun with GF Day, Bastille Day, etc. There are so many Brits in Second Life that US and UK holidays are pretty much shared. I think we're doing Canada Day, even! I can see how GF would be a problem in your part of the world: right in the top of the fire danger season! Yikes.

Also: hubby and I are huge fans of the movie "V for Vendetta". Excellent story, excellent message.