Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snowflake Ball '09

I attended Lady Eva Bellambi's 3rd annual Snowflake Ball tonight, and it was one of the best times I've had in SL. Some folks abhor dance cards, but I find that in SL as well as 1st Life, they ensure that folks mingle and visit more than they otherwise might.

Since LL have pretty much killed events like this on Open Space Sims (for the time being, anyway), Eva had to cast about for another venue other than the customary Loch Avie setting. Luckily, Kamillah Hauptman, Vicerine of Caledon, offered a lovely spot in Pt. Caledon: huzzah!

I actually ended up with a fairly full dance card, which made for a lively evening of entertaining conversation with friends old and new. Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (above L), Col. Hotspur O'Toole (right), and Jagermonster Greegar Hellershanks (below L) were amongst those who championed Yours Truly about the dance, er, rink.

The Jagers impressed me by demonstrating a musical grace to match their size and strength! Kudos to the genetic engineers of old!

Poor Myfanwy Davies was experiencing occular difficulties, and was unable to see her heart-poundingly handsome partner, so I took the liberty of snapping a shot of her dancing with Steelhead's own Total Lunar Eclipse (right).

Again, I cannot state strongly enough what a wonderful evening it was. Thanks to Eva for holding this highlight event of the season, and to Edward Pearse, Lord Argylle, and Miss Emily Orr for DJ-ing and hosting, respectively.

Veles Jager and I do our Fred and Ginger impression.

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