Thursday, February 5, 2009

Super Secret Society...not

There seems to be some confusion and furor over the "Second Life Secret Library" book club, started on "Goodreads" and overlapping into SL. The name is most decidedly not a declaration of exclusivity, just a mimicry of another book Goodreads book club and a connected podcast.

Frankly, I love the humor of having a "secret" club that is anything but secret. All book loving folks are welcome to join! If you can't make it to the book discussions, that's ok. There's a forum on the Goodreads site. I love seeing what other folks are reading, and I've discovered some future reads this way. It's just another, minor, social networking thing with an intellectual/amusement twist.

The ultimate joke would be if everybody in Steelhead (and related sims) were members. Yeah, big secret. I'd love that! In fact, anybody who feels left out or excluded should just get on Goodreads and join up. I'm pretty good about approving memberships quickly. The reason we don't have open enrollment is that we'd like to keep it SL-centric. If you want to call that an "agenda" then go right ahead, it's a free world.

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