Friday, July 10, 2009

A little horse parade action

Finally cut together (roughly) the footage Mr. P shot of the "Great Chowchilla Parade Adventure", wherin Jousting Pard rides Darshan with the Zamora family andalusians (and one Freesian).

See...Darshan being distracted!
See...Darshan confused and fidgety!
See...Jousting Pard drink tequila out of a Pepsi can!
Hear...the Zamora's personal Band in a Trailer make the most, um, interesting cacophany!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Real or "first" life has taken me away from SL in a big way in the last few weeks. First, it's gardening time. If I don't do stuff before July it's never going to happen. I did better this year, but still not up to spec.

Second: we have a new horse coming. A big, flashy Andalusian stallion who belongs to Mr. P's jousting pard. Our facilities needed a major overhaul, and since we're not exactly solvent it's a "sweat equity" project.

Third: I developed appendicitis last Monday! How's that for a bombshell? Spent a couple of days in hospital with only one tube in my arm (I'll likely never match Jousting Partner's record). Appendix was removed before it went critical, and I'm feeling pretty well, considering. Still on light duty, but better every day.

Having a major shindig at our place this weekend, Colonial India style, so that's in the mix, too.

See y'all when things settle down a bit...