Sunday, April 26, 2009

Opening up shop soon!

I'm very excited! Can you guess why?

Coming soon: Peterman Ltd. downtown. Right next to Tensai's Curiosity Shop and just across from the train depot. Lunar has outdone himself again (is that even possible?). Hard on the heels of Lady Eva's gorgeous castle refurbishment, he's turned an old warehouse from Steelhead's rougher days into a soaring cathedral of commerce. Work will continue for another few days, whilst I unpack the merchandise, create a comfortable space, and tidy up.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anzac Day: Remember

It's Anzac Day today, and Radio Riel is presenting a special programme hosted by our own resident Aussie, Sir Edward Pearse. Tune in and remember the brave ones who gave their all in one of the most grueling episodes of a terrible war.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

New in the Landscaping Dept: Madrones!

Another Northwest Native...only this one grows right down into California: the Pacific Madrone. Big, red, and messy (in real life). Add some distinction to your landscaping!

Available at the Folly in SW Boomtown.


We keep horses in 1st life, as some of you have probably discovered by now. Mr. P is a cavalryman and horse nut, while I concentrate on the cats and chickens...unless he needs me on a horse for cav drill (horses rarely do the drill without a rider). Anyway... is was training time yesterday afternoon, with Mr. P on Woody, Locatya on Marcus, and me on Gryphon. We had just been doing some groudwork training, and decided to ride bareback with just their halters. Well, L and I left blankets/sheets on our guys, because they are shedding so badly right now that we would have looked like tribbles by the time we were done.

I'm not a great rider, but when the phone in my pocket rang, I pulled it out, saw it was Lunar, and answered it...just as Mr. P's horse decided to kick at mine, who jumped sideways. I'm sure Lunar was perplexed to hear, "Helloaaaagh! WOODY!!!! (name of offending horse) I'm sorry...what did you say? I'm trying not to die..." We then had a staccato conversation which consisted of mostly sentence fragments and laughing, as Lunar attempted to give me some news and I attempted to not bounce and slide off the slippery blanket on the back of a trotting, annoyed horse. Luckily, all I lost was my hat (1st life hats are bad that way).

If I had more hands, I might have a picture, albeit blurry, of this encounter. It's just too hard to grab a screenshot in real life sometimes.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Peterman Ltd.'s 1st Commercial!

Happy Easter!

...and a blessed (belated) Passover!

Had a ball at the "Bunny Hop" last night in Steelhead. Yes, that's me, "Bunny" Peterman, dancing through Tensai's giant peep army. It was definitely cute overload, with a preponderance of bunnies, bunny suits, good eggs, and the occasional chicken (Hotspur). Magdalena K gets my vote for the cutest tiny black bun EVER, btw. I should have snapped a pic.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bored with the 19th century West: moving to Gor

Yep, no more intellectual, witty, substantive conversation for me. Yawn. I'm moving on...literally. You can find me, when I'm not on some kind of wild adventure with an oily barbarian or two, at: Goraplenty (22, 69, -567). Yep, that's the life for me!


Nabila "Slave only to fashion" Nadir