Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Now on Facebook!

Yes, I've finally bitten the virtual bullet and made Nabila Nadir a Facebook page. Click on the "badge" in the left column here to visit the page. Mostly, it's just a place to share photos, plus it's an easy way to see what's in the Peterman Ltd. inventory.

2 comments: said...

i am and educator, and i liked your library, as of the design and construction, and to the important and effective support it offers SL people.
i am interested in hosting an event on your second life library for an environmental education annual conference, and i will be very happy if you supported ma and joined his conference too. you are welcome to invite all of your friends to support out goal "protect our future" as of reducing pollution, and switching to clean energy sources, educating new generations and eliminating the influence of the past decade.
looking forward to hear from you.
Samy Deir
first life educator
second life new learner
this is a class project.
my email:

Neb said...

Are you referring to the library in Steelhead, where I'm showing my photography exhibit? If so, you'll want to talk to Riven Homewood in world. The library is her baby, I'm just the current exhibitor.