Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Steam Hunt #4!

So, I finally got my hunt gift done and packaged and put out just before midnight: whew! Normally I'm not so "at the last minute", but I'm doing something very different from anything I've done before, and a lot more complicated. I've wanted to make jackets and coats for awhile, but I knew it would involve sculpting and so I've avoided it. When mesh arrives it will be easier, but I think this first effort is pretty satisfactory. The upper parts, including the sleeve shoulder cap and cuffs, are rigid prims; the "skirt" is flexi and attached to the "bodice" section. We'll see how it flies.

This is my attempt at an Edwardian coat which works as a duster or overcoat for men, and a traveling or suit coat for women. This version, for the Steam Hunt, is fairly serviceable, but I'll be fine-tuning it before I put it up for sale in a variety of colors. It will be interesting to get feedback from the Steam Hunters...

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