Sunday, March 27, 2011

Calling all Browncoats

Yes, I'm a major Firefly/Serenity fan. Yes, I know there are Browncoats flying the skies of Second Life, living in the fringe settlements, avoiding the core entanglements. Here's the first of my offerings for all the folks who buck the system, live free, and, um, do business their own dang way.

Shirt with suspenders, canvas pants with or without captain-y outseam stripe, leggings & shoes. Legging prims are one each, so easy to fit to your particular shape.

Sailor Suit Summer Whites

Just in! Summer school uniforms! Same as the navy blue winter version, only white with black stripes.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

T-shirt Generator

Zenmondo Wormser has come up with a spiffy t-shirt slogan generator for those who don't "build" clothes in Second Life. Here's my first attempt (left). I'm wearing it over a long-sleeved undershirt, I tinted it grey, and I left some of the black "non t-shirt" area for trim.

"Look! I'm an Arkham co-ed!"

Zen plans to release a fancier version later, with font choices, etc., but for now it's a quick way to make a t-shirt with a front and/or back slogan!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Burro's Rant, With Which I Concur (a lot)

Ask any five folks in Second Life what they think Role Play is (or should be), and you'll probably get five different answers. As somebody who likes to keep RP light and casual and more of a photo op to garnish creative writing exercises, I'm happy to let others do the heavy lifting. I do, however, have some strong opinions on what makes satisfying Role Play, and what does not, and I think Mr. HeadBurro Antfarm and I are on the same page, or at least in the same chapter, in this regard. His rant can be read here. It made me laugh (a lot). Top notch rant!

Note: before anybody takes offense, the photos are of ME. Verily, I have trod the waters of RP.

Update: Some very worthwhile reading is developing in the comments section of the original post...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wearin' o' the Green...hat

Two new hats for St. Patrick's Day. The "raked" hat is an entirely new style, with a larger profile than earlier raked hats, and a "panache" of plumes fastened with a shamrock brooch.

The "wheel" hat is trimmed with lace and also a shamrock brooch.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Steam Hunt #4!

So, I finally got my hunt gift done and packaged and put out just before midnight: whew! Normally I'm not so "at the last minute", but I'm doing something very different from anything I've done before, and a lot more complicated. I've wanted to make jackets and coats for awhile, but I knew it would involve sculpting and so I've avoided it. When mesh arrives it will be easier, but I think this first effort is pretty satisfactory. The upper parts, including the sleeve shoulder cap and cuffs, are rigid prims; the "skirt" is flexi and attached to the "bodice" section. We'll see how it flies.

This is my attempt at an Edwardian coat which works as a duster or overcoat for men, and a traveling or suit coat for women. This version, for the Steam Hunt, is fairly serviceable, but I'll be fine-tuning it before I put it up for sale in a variety of colors. It will be interesting to get feedback from the Steam Hunters...